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A Universal Design Approach for the Hospitality Industry

Program Description:
Talk about a game-changer: this session will change your view of universal design forever. Noted speaker and trainer Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. understands the hospitality industry from the perspective of someone who uses a wheelchair. Guided by her personal experiences, extensive travels, and keen insight, take a roll with her through sample hospitality facilities to see common problems and challenges that design, layout, and materials present to people with disabilities and people of all abilities. Come away with solutions that provide more accessibility, greater independence, and increased safety for guests.  Go beyond the ADA requirements and learn about inclusive design for all guests, regardless of their limitations.

Targeted Audiences: This session is custom designed for interior designers, hotel and motel owners and developers, builders, remodelers, and architects.

Goal:  The goal of this program is to assist hospitality industry professionals and designers as they integrate universal design in their future projects.

Duration of Program: 45-90 minutes as a keynote.  A training program can be extended to a half day or full day.

Multimedia: The presentation is enhanced with an interactive handout and high quality graphics and slides which serve to illustrate the main points. Audiences are better able to retain the core messages by having visual illustrations.

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