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Innovate Bamboo Towels to Adorn National Demonstration Home Bathrooms

The Residents of the Universal Design Living Laboratory Will Use Eco-Friendly Products in Everyday Life

COLUMBUS, OH – April 25, 2010 – The Universal Design Living Laboratory (UDLL), national demonstration home of the future, has graciously accepted a donation of naturally grown towels from Deborah Ann Bamboo. The towels, which are incredibly pleasant to the touch, are made from natural bamboo grown in a chemical-free environment.

“The towels are not only incredibly absorbent, but also super soft,” says owner Deborah Sheridan. “This paring of absorbency and softness is a wonderful combination.  You are not only pampering yourself, but also your environment.” These innovative bamboo towels are:

  • Anti-bacterial: Bamboo fiber doesn’t harbor harmful bacteria. Because of this, the product is great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Absorbent:  Because of micro-gaps in the bamboo fiber, bamboo fabric is three times more absorbent than cotton.
  • Eco-friendly: Bamboo has a natural bio-agent called bamboo kun, which allows the plant to grow without using pesticides or other chemicals.  This bamboo kun also saves on water during the growing process due to lower surface run-off.  Also, erosion is held to a minimum because of the natural make-up of the bamboo root system.

“Deborah Ann Bamboo’s towel donation will make a fantastic addition to our eco-friendly home,” states project leader Rosemarie Rossetti Ph.D. “Similar to the home, the towels offer a more environmentally friendly version of similar products currently on the market.”

About Deborah Ann Bamboo:
Deborah Ann Bamboo is the provider of high quality natural bamboo linen products for the household. Their towels and blankets are naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and more absorbent than cotton. The bamboo used to create these products are grown free from herbicides or pesticides, releases up to 30% more oxygen than trees and are a sustainable resource.

About UDLL:
The Universal Design Living Laboratory is a national demonstration home and garden that will bring attention to three critical architectural design and building concepts: universal design, green sustainable building and healthy chemical-free materials. UDLL will serve to help people better understand how to create a more comfortable living environment that will enhance their quality of life. This Universal Design Living Laboratory will act as a resource to learn from – today and tomorrow.


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Copyright © 2005-2016 Universal Design Living Laboratory. All rights reserverd worldwide.