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The Methodology of Multigenerational Homes

International Speaker Explains Adapting Your Household

Columbus, OH – March 21, 2012 –With the economy inching toward recovery at a seemingly glacial pace, the dynamics of the traditional family unit are still undergoing dramatic shifts. For many Americans, the multigenerational home is now a matter of necessity. Along with the immediate adjustments required to accommodate elder relatives comes another unique challenge: outfitting the household for ergonomics and efficiency, a task many are ill-equipped to undertake.

“Families across the nation are facing the stark reality that their income does not stretch as far as it once did, and they are now staked with the responsibility of housing and caring for their immediate family,” says Rosemarie Rossetti, speaker and leader of the Universal Design Living Laboratory. “Preparing the home to maximize the comfort of your loved ones is an essential facet of this transition that often goes overlooked.”

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when adjusting your household to welcome your family. Ramps may need to be installed for appropriate access, showers may require grab bars for stability and safety, and door frames may have to be widened to allow for the width of a wheelchair. As much as we all wish it to be true, the newfound familial arrangement may not be as simple as, ‘welcome home.’

Along with her extensive knowledge on preparing a multigenerational home, Rosemarie Rossetti can offer your readers tips on:

  • Constructing and maintaining a green home
  • Overcoming the challenges of accommodating older generations
  • Creating a ‘disability-friendly’ home

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized speaker and advocate for people with disabilities. Along with her husband, Mark Leder, she is spearheading the Universal Design Living Laboratory, a national project to help people better understand how to create a more comfortable living environment that will enhance their quality of life. As a keynote speaker, she shares the lessons she has learned since a tragic accident left her paralyzed, and demonstrates how to rise above misfortune and live life with conviction.

For more information on Rosemarie or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Carter Breazeale
PR/PR Public Relations
[email protected]


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