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Spring Has Sprung: It's Time to Live Green

International Expert Offers Take On Green Household Solutions

With the societal winds shifting away from over-consumption and towards environmental awareness and energy efficiency, many would say that going green is the new black. Homeowners are making a concerted effort toward retrofitting their houses to keep with the turning of the tides; a marked transformation from the wasteful habits that defined years’ past. Taking the initial step towards a new endeavor is always the most difficult, but there are many preliminary moves that can be made when fashioning your household to match a more eco-friendly hue.

“Green awareness is a pivotal facet when constructing a brand new home, or updating your household to the standards of the 21st century,” says Rosemarie Rossetti, consultant and co-owner of the Universal Design Living Laboratory. “In a time of economic uncertainty, it is important to conserve money anywhere you can; and this does not negate the inherent environmental benefit that a green home provides.”

Outfitting your windows and doors with proper weather stripping, or installing timed or sensor-run light fixtures is a fantastic jumping off point. When it comes to going green, there’s never a bad place to begin.

Along with her extensive knowledge on constructing a green home, Rosemarie Rossetti can offer your readers tips on:

  • Preparing for a multigenerational household
  • Overcoming the challenges of accommodating older generations
  • Creating a ‘disability-friendly’ home

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized speaker and advocate for people with disabilities. Along with her husband, Mark Leder, she is spearheading the Universal Design Living Laboratory (www.UDLL.com), a national project to help people better understand how to create a more comfortable living environment that will enhance their quality of life. As a keynote speaker, she shares the lessons she has learned since a tragic accident left her paralyzed from the waist down, and demonstrates how to rise above misfortune and live life with conviction.

For more information on Rosemarie or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Carter Breazeale
PR/PR Public Relations
[email protected]


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